Ever wish you could shop for groceries in the peaceful tranquility that existed prior to children? How about going to a doctor's appointment, have a job, go to school, or even just take a mental break? The Children's Place & Parent Education Center provides short term, high quality childcare for up to three hours per day in a state licensed center.

Childcare Rates & Terms

Drop in childcare is available to those with an annual membership to the Children's Place. If you are not a member, click here to find out more on how to become one.

First Child Additional Children
$6.00 / Hour +$3.00 Per Child / Hour

A Rich Learning Environment

All small children learn primarily through play and carry this important learning with them into adulthood. Our center offers a play/learning environment rich in experiences for children to master all basic skills while they are having fun; an environment that simultaneously demonstrates to parents many simple, inexpensive ways to foster their children's early development.

Balance is the key to our environment that is rich in learning opportunities for young children and that also offers enough play choices per child and enough variety among those choices to accommodate the brief attention span of little children.

There is a balance in planning the toys, equipment, and activity centers at our facility. We balance active play options, which help let off steam and develop large muscle control, with quieter activities which foster small muscle development. We also hone in on other important skills such as listening, weighing and measuring, learning to discriminate among various shapes, colors, sounds, and sizes, spatial and temporal sequence.

Our active play options include several riding toys, a "rocking boat" which reverses to become a toddler stepping stair, and a set of large snap-together cubes older children can use for climbing, jumping and balancing. We also use records and rhythm instruments, parades and circle games for occasional group activities.

Moderately active play options include a play house with kitchen equipment, dolls and animals to dress and care for, doll carriage and shopping cart; an infant crawling and cruising area; a block center with several sets of building blocks and a row of hats and purses nearby which add an element of dramatic play to the children's building activities; a carpeted toddler center with pull toys, soft blocks and other activities particularly attractive to young walkers.

We have several centers for quiet play; a sand and water table (sand in winter, water in summer) equipped with appropriate tools for digging, pouring and measuring, and boats or cars for traveling; a playdough table with tools for rolling, cutting, or embellishing; a carpeted library area with attractively displayed books, floor cushions and rocking chair; a general purpose craft table for cutting, finger-painting, coloring and pasting activities, and a double easel for painting.

What People Are Saying About Us

  • By A Mother

    The Staff! One of my girls can be difficult at drop-off (separation anxiety) but she's come so far thanks to the staff. The loving and caring attitude they have towards my kids is so very much appreciated. They do an exceptional job with my girls and we're so thankful to have them in our lives.

  • By A Parent

    The ability to utilize this service on-demand as needed without having to commit to a regular schedule or minimum number of hours. Teachers are engaging & wonderful.

  • By A Parent

    I love how accommodating and flexible the hours are. The teachers make it fun and relaxed.